How to use your Social Media Accounts in your Job Search


Everyone has at least one social media account these days….Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, the list goes on. Of course, there are sites like LinkedIn that are specifically geared towards finding a job – but did you know that you can utilise your other social media accounts to network for a career as well? In the following article, we shall give you some tips on how to use your social media account to promote your job search.


Don’t Incriminate Yourself

Did you know that employers use social media sites to research potential job candidates? Social media sites such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook give access to employers to gain personal insight into a potential employee’s social media page. That is why it is critical that you do not post anything that might put you in a bad light such as inappropriate status updates or compromising photos. You never know who could be checking out your profile. A simple status update or picture could cost you your dream job. You should set your accounts to private and only make relevant information public. This will protect your safety and can possibly improve your chances at getting a job. The less information you make public about your private life, the better.



It can’t hurt to let your friends and connections on social media know that you are looking for a job. Make it a part of your bio, or post in a status update that you are in the market for a new job. You never know if a “friend of a friend” might be hiring.

Also, you can “follow” the companies in which you are interested. This gives you insight into how the company works and you can refer back to their website and social media pages to keep up with the latest news and updates.


Link your Resume to your Social Media Accounts

You probably are aware that you can link your various accounts to one another, such as linking your LinkedIn account to your Twitter account and vice versa, but did you know that you can also post a hyperlink to your resume on your social media accounts? You might want to avoid posting your resume link on Facebook, but it can’t hurt to add it to Twitter and Google+. You can leave out your personal information such as address and phone number, and just post your professional email address. You never want to use your personal email address for a job search. Using “” or “” may not bode well with a potential employer.

These simple tips can greatly aid you in your job hunt. Remember that you are a mature adult about to enter the workforce. You want to maintain a mature and professional social media page at all times. A helpful word of advice is that if you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it, you shouldn’t be posting it on social media in the first place. Remember you are marketing yourself and you want to remain professional at all times!